Tracing Movement




tracing movement company class

“Tracing Movement is the experience of your body’s capability to echo a story and the emotion it carries. Stuart Winter enables his dancers to venture past technique, into a vocabulary of movement where a heightened physical expression becomes accessible through ones imagination” - Greg Bernstein.

focal point

“Focal Point identifies with the everyday gestures we use universally on devices to communicate. Zooming in, pinching out, swiping and cropping create playful phrases” - Stuart Winter


“After creating a soundscape with beatboxer and vocal artist Folarin Akingmade, party poppers and helium balloons became the creative inspiration for a selection of duets. Cameraman Benjamin Thomas follows twelve dancers as they explore an underground art gallery.” - Stuart Winter”


The Heavyweight

“Using only drums, Movement Origami is used to locate rhythms found in ‘The Heavyweight’, the centre movement from Bob Fosse’s ‘The Frug’. The vocabulary comes from the French word “sillage” - the way perfume lingers in the air. With respect to this anatomical diffusion, I highlight where the dancers have been, not where they are going.” - Stuart Winter